Dron World Guide

Whether you like FPV racing drones, prefer taking pictures and filming from a bird's eye view or are just looking for a place where you can calmly spend an afternoon training your flight skills, inspiration can be found here.

Greetings drone-flying enthusiasts from all around the world,

we are trying to create a place where our evolving community can come together; a place where people can share their experiences, tips and advice, and share new locations for flying. We would like to connect people who have a mutual passion for flying drones, a hobby which we have come to love. This community is focused on the many aspects of flying drones and their various uses. Be part of creating this special place which will help us rock, DRONIACS!

Add a locations

Share your favorite locations via a point on the map and be sure to add photo of them and a brief comment. For example, state the easiest point to get or what to be careful of when flying in that area. Specify the category for what makes this location special or unique. Get inspired to explore other popular locations suggested by droniacs when you're going on holiday or just looking for good suggestions for a Sunday trip. Well-chosen locations can be evaluated using ( "character drone") and you can add your comments to help inform others.

Discussion forum

Do you need help with any issue regarding flying? Ask away on the forums. Are you looking for a friend from your town or city with whom you were flying in your neighborhood? Fill in your personal profile and send personalized message to others flying around your area.

There are two ways to explore our "aerial" map of the world and join the community. Both are anonymous and it is up to you which information you want to share with others.

Ghost acces

Anonymous and requires no entry of information

  • No registration
  • Access to "air" world map
  • Access to discussion forum
  • No ability to add sites to the "aerial maps of the world"
  • No ability to comment on locations
  • No ability to add comments to the debates and discussion forum
  • No ability to read information about users and leave messages

Flyer acces

Full access to the application, with the user themselves deciding which information he or she wants to share with the community

  • User Profile
  • Access to "air" map of the world – the possibility of adding commercials, commentary, and reviews
  • Access to discussion forums - the ability to add comments to the debates and discussion forum
  • Full access to information about users with the option of sending messages
  • Compulsory registration

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