About us

Hi there,

we are two brothers from a small town in the middle of the Czech Republic Europe. We have completely missed a bird’s eye view, which until recently was only available from airplane decks on the way on holiday.By expanding the “commercial” drones, we first tested a new perspective at the end of 2016 on a cheap machine and the subsequent playback of the camera record we immediately knew. That the “freedom” what these machines offer us, we want to experience whenever the weather allows. And above all, we want to share this enthusiasm among others with similar enthusiasts.

Drone World Guide and his vision:

  • Connect with our rapidly evolving drone community
  • Offer to the drone flying app, where communities all around the world can use one drone flying map
  • Shorten your time by searching for flying spots

We would like our applications to make it easier for all enthusiasts to fly from all categories and use drones to find interesting locations, help to share experience and, most importantly, to bring the global community together.

We hope you will enjoy app!
M & J