Poslední přidaná místa

06. 05. 2018


Lahko pristupne miesto v Prahe, kde sa da dostat aj obycajnou MHD. Idealne na trenovanie. Pozor na CTR. Max 100m.

04. 03. 2018

Västanfors Church in Fagersta

River running past the church, trainbridge next to the church and a hydropowerplant close by.

26. 02. 2018

Zámek Přílepy


16. 02. 2018

Ardèche river

This is a nice place to have some holidays and nice video's making

16. 02. 2018

Dagarn railway in Sweden

In the middle of a field the trains stop and wait in case there is a passing train. Also there is a bridge over the railway for cars...

15. 02. 2018

opuštěná stodola u Štěpánova

12. 02. 2018

Svatý Hostýn a rozhledna


12. 02. 2018

Guaianases – São Paulo – Brazil

10. 02. 2018

Hydro Power Plant in Semla, Fagersta

An old but fully upgraded hydro power plant on one side of the road and a nice view over lake Kratten on the other, Fagersta can also be...

10. 02. 2018

Glen Ferris waterfalls.

Great place to fly, waterfalls and great rivers in the area

09. 02. 2018

Old Waterslide at Fagersta Cablpark in lake Eskiln

A waterslide that is no longer in service. Placed at Lake Eskiln where at summer people can waterski and wakeboard at the Cablepark right next to the waterslide

08. 02. 2018

Old Air-surveillance Tower in Fagersta

An old tower where the military kept an eye out for aircraft during the war. Sits surrounded by forest and one side open to smaller houses and the...

08. 02. 2018

Ruins of Högbyn Skiresort in Fagersta

Ruins of a small skiresort in Fagersta, Sweden. The main buildning doesnt have any windows left so its possible to fly inside if one wants!

08. 02. 2018

The Remains of the wildfire of 2014

Great photo and training spot as there are nothing to fly into and the fire created a whole new vegetation at this area

08. 02. 2018

Lake Värlingen

I small'ish lake where there are ice-fishing people in the winter and "regual"-fishermen in the summer! Surrounded by forest and a road with light traffic next to the...